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Over ten years ago my life was shattered.  I had reached a point where I had to either pick myself up or fall further into a depression.  Something had to happen to pull me up instead of down.  How did I get to where I am today?  How did I get through the most difficult time of my life?  I had so many questions that needed answers.

How did I find these answers? I got myself out of bed each day at 5:15 am and journaled with God for an hour before my day started.  Early in the morning is a magical time of day with no distractions, it was just me and God.  I knew that He was my answer.  After three months, a wonderful thing happened, God answered me.   And then He began to teach me.  The more He taught me, the more I wanted to know.  Arising at 5:15 am was no longer a chore.  I looked forward to this time with Him.  I asked him so many questions and He was so full of answers.  Today, I have been faithfully journaling for over ten years.  I wanted to share God’s wisdom with others, so with God in the lead, I have written this devotional.

How Did She Get Here?

Marcia Freeman is an Executive Recruiter at ProConcepts International Inc. She lives in Puerto Rico with her husband, Mark, and has one daughter and three stepchildren. In 2008 her world fell apart and she had become a shell of herself.  During this difficult time, she surrendered her life to God and made a commitment to Him.  Part of this commitment included beginning each day arising before the crack of dawn and spending time and journaling with Him.  One day, 3 months into her journaling journey God answered her. The conversation that day went like this: “God, are You there?” Through tears she began to ask “God, how did my life turn out this way? God, please tell me You are here. I have to know that You’re here.” And then she heard Him. “Calm down. I am. It’s okay.” She replied “I don’t want to be alone” and then heard, “You are not alone. I am here.”  From that day forward her conversations took off.  She asked Him so many questions and He was so full of answers.

It became her desire to share these lessons with others.  She has taken lessons from almost ten years’ worth of journaling and created this devotional to share with you what she has learned. Be With Me is Marcia’s first book, and she prays that it will bring people closer to God as they walk through life.

Those Who Helped Me On My Journey

My Family

My parents were my first teachers about God.  They instilled a strong faith in me and I am forever grateful.  My beautiful daughter who stood by me during the rough times never ceasing in her love of me.  My wonderful husband who constantly loves me and challenges me in my faith.  All those who have joined me on this journey have learned or are also learning to hear God’s voice! It is truly a wonderful experience to share God’s words with each other!

One Simple Voice

God put this amazing  organization in my life after my surrender.  It was here that I learned how to journal and hear God’s Voice.  Emeritus Bishop Richard Hanifen led me to this amazing organization.  He and Frannie Rose work tirelessly to help many on their journey to hearing God’s voice.All denominations are welcome.  If you are interested in attending any seminars, their website is www.onesimplevoice.org

Frannie Rose

Founder of One Simple Voice and my Spiritual Teacher.  She has worked tirelessly with me over the last ten years directing me ever so gently on the amazing journey. She has authored a book called “Teach Them to Hear Me” : A Guide to Conversing With God to learn how to hear God’s Voice.  It is available on Amazon  (“Teach Them to Hear Me“: A Guide to Conversing With God: Rose, Frannie: 9781982274412: AmazonSmile: Books). 

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