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If you have ever remodeled your home, then you can understand the many things that can and do go wrong.  Sometimes you feel as if you go two steps forward and one step back!  Recently, I learned that one of my toilets was installed with the old wax ring from the old toilet.  For those non construction folks, a wax ring is what goes under the toilet and seals it and keeps the toilet from “rocking.”  I’m not sure of the details, but know you need to put on a new one whenever you replace a toilet.  When my contractor pulled off the toilet to add the wax ring the flange broke.  A flange is what is used to bolt the toilet to the floor and is connected the pipe that goes to the sewer.  My contractor  told me that he was going to need to rip up the new tile floor and may even need to tear into the ceiling of the unit below to get to the pipe.  I was pretty upset and defeated.  In the end, he was able to fix the flange without doing this, but I did not find out until the next day.  I decided to ask God my lesson.  This is what I heard:

My dear sweet child, of course there is a lesson!  I know you felt defeated about this latest development.  At first you reacted, you were very sad and could not believe there was another delay.  Your husband told you that you should just “let it go.”  And he was right.  Go out on your porch and see My beauty.  See it every day!  Put everything into perspective.  It will be done when it is done.  This is teaching you incredible patience.  What you are inpatient for will appear to happen slowly.  Think about when you were a child waiting for Christmas or summer break.  Time went by slowly as if it would never get here and when it did, it was over so quickly!  When you are impatient for something, doesn’t it seem like it will take forever to happen?  It’s not that it takes longer, it just feels like it!”

So, there you go, I need to have more patience in my remodel and know that it will be done when it is done.  The more impatient I am, the longer it will feel like it takes.  Not only my remodel, but everything in life.  I have changed my attitude and am working on becoming more patient for things to happen.  This has made life so much easier!  

God Bless!


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