Wouldn’t Life Be Easier
If You Walked Through
It with God?

"Dear child, you are so special to Me, My love for you is unending."

In Be with Me, you are taught through God’s own words how to walk with Him and be in His Presence.  Each day you are guided by His words on many different topics such as Love, Forgiveness, Surrender, Free Will, Relationships, Strife, Struggles and Storms and much more.  Each day starts with words from God, a scripture verse and a reflection question to ponder.

What Does God Wish to Say to You? 

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My Story

Over ten years ago my life was shattered.  I had reached a point where I had to either pick myself up or fall further into a depression. Something had to happen to pull me up instead of down. How did I get to where I am today? How did I get through the most difficult time of my life? So many questions that I needed answered.

Can’t get enough of God’s Words of Wisdom? How can you apply God’s lessons to your daily life?

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