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Be With Me

Wouldn’t Life Be Easier If You Walked Through It with God?

I want you to know how much I treasure you!
I want you to know how proud I am of you!
I want you to know how special you are to Me!
I want you know how beautiful you are to Me!
I love you completely sweet child!

But how do you do walk through life with God?  Many go to church and read scripture, but do not know how to actually walk with God.  What is the roadmap to doing this?  In Be with Me, you are taught through God’s own words how to walk with Him and be in His Presence.  Each day you are guided by His words on many different topics such as Love, Forgiveness, Surrender, Free Will, Relationships, Strife, Struggles and Storms and much more.  Each day starts with words from God, a scripture verse and a reflection question to ponder. You are able to spend as little or as much times as you wish on each day.

Be with Me is further divided by topics, so if you are struggling in one area, you can jump ahead to those sections, or just read it day-by-day.  You are continually reminded how much God truly loves you and speaks to you with so much gentleness.  You will learn how much God truly craves a relationship with you.  The last chapter is devoted to Analogies where God teaches you through comparisons with real-life examples to help you to further understand His will for you. For instance, comparing life to a symphony, playing golf, fishing or even a puzzle.  These beautiful analogies help you to further understand how God wishes for you to be.

What Does God Wish to Say to You? 

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What Does God Wish to Say to You?

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